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Top 5 checklist while buying your home

Of course, home is special. Something you won’t possibly buy in a jiffy. The decision to buy a house is a lifetime one. A lot of dreams go into the making of a home. A lot of financial as well as emotional responsibilities hang on that one decision. And it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed with the variety of choices on offer; so much so that you may begin questioning your own preferences, convictions and understanding.

No worries, we have you covered. Even before you start looking for an apartment, here’s what you need to be very clear about when it comes to buying your home. Read on:

Location: Needless to say, the importance of location can’t ever be over-emphasised. Having said that, it is crucial to understand that some locations are way too expensive to own a property in. Plus, there are locations that provide almost all amenities of a modern city life and yet can be much more affordable.

From easy accessibility to closeness of essential lifestyle and social infrastructure such as healthcare, educational and recreational institutions there are several factors that play a major role in deciding the worth of a location.

Access to nature and a relatively pollution-free neighbourhood is also the hallmark of a good location. You might choose to live in the centre of a city but at what cost? You definitely do not want your children to grow up in the midst of a cacophony of traffic snarls, petrol bursts, dust and dirt. What if you chance upon a location that offers you the lush green lap of nature coupled with a smart access to all the urban facilities that make life easy? That’s the magic of a good location.

Features & Offerings: A house in a good location but without the necessary features and offerings for a seamless, happy and fulfilling life is like a MasterChef without a kitchen. The blend of leisure and life is the key to a good property.

Multigyms and swimming pools are the basic features offered by most builders. You need to look beyond. Are there features enough for taking the idea of holistic living to the next level?

Following are a list of amenities and features that are offered by some of the best names in the real estate industry.

Features like Jogging track, Meditation Garden, Yoga Terrace and Steam Room add to your wellbeing.

Recreational facilities such as Party Terrace, a Club, Multipurpose Halls for social gatherings, Private Theatre, and Cafeteria make your home the fun place to be at. A good property sometimes also provides a Conference Room!

Sports not only is destressing but also creates a bond among neighbours. Features such as Indoor Games Room, Cricket Practice Pitch, Rock Climbing Wall, Table Tennis Court, Pool Table, and Squash Court add spark to an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

Why should adults have all the fun? A Kids’ Play Area is a must as is a Senior Citizen Zone. Touch base with the simple pleasures of life by strolling through a manicured Lawn to Walk, bask in the glory of nature thanks to Natural Landscaping, and have fun with your furry friends at a Pet Garden.

Design: Today’s built spaces are not just the result of painstaking design, construction and management solutions but also a product of several other considerations such as economics, law, public policy, public health, geography, engineering, technology and environmental sustainability.

Design has a direct influence on one’s relationship with the space one inhabits. And one of the primary objectives of architectural design is to build a space that addresses all kinds of human needs and thus encourage a social community lifestyle.

Some of the major design parameters that you must check before you lock the deal are whether the building follows sustainable design elements, whether the structures are energy efficient, and support the basic requirements for a bio-diverse environment.

Things like deep-recessed window for weather protection and provision of loft above, carefully planned positions of fan unit of split AC, compressor unit of split AC and window AC unit, common areas and facilities such as lift/staircase, lobby, servants’ toilet, lift machine room and other common built-up areas are just a few of the instances that you should look into.

Plus, check who the primary architects and designers are involved in the project. No matter how extraordinary the design features are, it is important that they come from an able hand you can trust. After all, it’s your home we are discussing!

Security: And when it comes to your home, safety and security should be top on your list. An elaborate and efficient Electronic Surveillance System is a must.

The Fire Fighting System including fire alarms and emergency exit and evacuation plans should be sound. It is also imperative to find out if the building is made of earthquake-resistant materials.

One oft-overlooked aspect of security is safety for kids and senior citizens. The property should be so designed that the safety of the most vulnerable members of the family shouldn’t be compromised at all.

Add to this an important feature like Power Backup that is crucial for a smooth-functioning gated community.

Reputation & Goodwill of the Builder: Last but not the least is the reliability of the Builder. You can be stress-free about all the above features only if you know for certain that your Builder is not only capable but also worth trusting. Make a thorough home work on the Builder’s reputation and rest assured that your legal checklist is sorted. It means essential documents such as Certificate of No Encumbrance, Commencement and Completion certificates, and others are safely in place. A good builder is the only way you can ensure that your home sweet home is in safe hands till the final handover. In case of the best builders in town, you can expect post-handover support and an efficient customer care service as well. Because these builders do not treat you as just a customer on their accounts but as a real human being with dreams they want to add wings to.

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