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The growing concept of boutique hotels in Kolkata

Hotels can invoke some polarizing emotions in people. There are many people who love a staycation at a boutique hotel or resort. Guests can just laze around in their bed all day and order in their favorite food from room service. And then there are those people who hate the sight of hotels. The bland impersonal walls of the hotel room and the sanitized smell in the lobby can be off-putting for some.

Boutique hotels are the middle path between these opposite views. They offer the comfort of a hotel, but without the same old sterilized décor. A boutique hotel is characterized by its intimate size, having anywhere between 10 to 100 rooms. The interior style is unique and eye-catching with upscale accommodations. It may cater to a super niche crowd, or they can be a crowd-puller. Each boutique hotel has a special signature to offer, that one thing which makes it stand out from among others.


So what makes a boutique hotel special?


When we say hotel size, we mean the number of rooms. A boutique hotel can be large in size, from a renovated palatial house to a property spanning over multiple floors. But they typically have between 10 to 100 rooms. Since number of guests is relatively lower, it gives the hotel a warm and cozy ambience. The hotel staff can interact with guests on a one-to-one basis, making them feel like cherished company rather than just another occupant in a large-scale hotel.

Unique Interiors


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Boutique hotels are a playground for Instagram addicts. The interiors are fun and trendy, with chic elegance combined with an eccentric style. The appearance can be inspired by old-world glamour or proudly feature a modern and contemporary look. These hotels are bright and colorful with each nook and corner boasting of some special trinkets. Selfie anyone?

Personalized Service

Since boutique hotels are small in size, the hospitality experience is personal and intimate. These hotels provide bespoke luxury amenities such as gymnasium, Jacuzzi, spa, sky lounge, banquet halls and more. Guests can get personalized menu options or customized spa treatments.

Gastronomical Delights

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As they say, first impression is the last impression. Food is served in the most delectable avatar with smoke coming from the platter and making it all look so artistic, immensely satisfying your inner foodie. The boutique hotels boast of the most sumptuous food and offer some of the best culinary delights. Similarly, the bars also have the most eclectic cocktails, and are popular as drinking spots with locals as well as the guests.

In Kolkata, boutique hotels have been gaining momentum for quite a few years now. Located at Ecocentre in the IT/ITES hub of Kolkata, Altair is one of the most unique boutique hotels in Kolkata by the Ambuja Neotia Group. Altair comprises an infinity pool, a sky lounge, well-appointed business rooms and a spa. Another example would be Raajkutir, a boutique hotel themed around the colonial history of Bengal. With an all-day dining restaurant, spa, shopping arcade, cafe cum deli and an artisan’s gallery, this luxury boutique hotel is creatively crafted for a global traveller.


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Kolkata today has got a long list of boutique hotels in the city. For those people who want to enjoy a relaxed staycation, a boutique hotel in the city is your best bet of a good time!



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