By: Akash Roy / October 11, 2019

The 10 Faces of Shakti at Neotec Hub

Durga Puja is the festival to celebrate women empowerment and the triumph of goodness over evil. Women have carved their way to the highest echelons in all spheres of life and continue to inspire us by their unique combination of brilliance & compassion, professionalism & empathy, perseverance & passion. Following up to such a tradition, Neotec Hub,​proudly introduces 7 women entrepreneurs and 3 members in their Cohort who are making a difference in the society by large as they continue to inspire others to follow their dreams. Here is our attempt to introduce these 10 women by connecting their characteristics and goals with the 10 weapons the Goddess carries in her arms, symbolizing the characters of human behaviour every person should posses.


Anushree Tekriwal, director of Vedic Maths India is a first gen entrepreneur who has been instrumental in popularising and promoting the concept of Vedic Maths to a global student-base. Her wisdom and intellect resonate with the power of Sword, to win over ignorance and negativity, giving a sense of responsibility to discern right from wrong. With every achievement she stepped forward towards her bigger dream. , i.e. create a global online education hub for students worldwide and side by side create job opportunities for many teachers across India and the world.


Rashika Jain, founder of Video Friday, who has won many hearts through the idea of budget friendly customized videos having amazing illustrations and designs. From occasional greetings to wedding invitation and even business​promotions, all are delivered on the basis of one’s requirements. Being the centre of creation, she happens to symbolize Discus and continues to put smiles on people’s faces.


Shruti Reddy, founder of Anthyesti Funeral Services, is identified to be the lady with nerves of steel ​ to travel the path less trodden, as her company caters the last rites of people’s loved ones and honour their last wish by providing funeral services to grief stricken families in time of their need. Her grace represents Lotus symbolizing spiritual upliftment and her service strengthens the spirit of the people who lost their loved ones.


Shreya Pramanik, the director of One Wallet, who loves taking risks in the changed global environment where unexplored new opportunities are available. With such ambitious spirit she aspires to develop and execute a plan right from the ground level. This recognizes the power of Snake, firmness of spirit signifying the upward movement from the lower state of consciousness to the higher state of existence where one attains pure bliss. She believes to build a platform with a hassle-free service by promoting payments through net banking, mobile wallets, UPI, Aadhaar/fingerprint-based payments, and etc all in one platform.


Shampa Ganguly, founder of Citility, the woman who did hit rock bottom but that made her fiercely perseverant to never give up. Her efforts bloomed through here consistent determination and made a firm ground that leads her consumer to a 360 integrated urban mobility platform that partners with enterprises to create network for the city. She always makes sure of building an efficient, smart and sustainable connectivity and further dreams of implementing Green City Projects for us. A figure with promising hopes and firmness in spirit symbolizes Thunderbolt, empowering the women entrepreneurs across the world.


Bharati Vasanthakrishna and Jaya Makam Venkatarathnam, Founders of Kornerstone Analytics, provide digitized performance solutions and data analytics for IT service providers. They aim at estimations and productivity tracking of IT tech teams leading to smarter tracking of efficiency and man-hour monitoring. Their mission requires the traits of fearlessness and passion that denote the power of Axe and Bow& Arrow.


Debopama Sinha, from Branding and Corp Comm department of Ambuja Neotia, is known to weave her abstract thoughts on paper in order to put up a trail of creativity. With such versatile variants of thoughts and ideas she is defined to be the oracle of independence and steadfast progress. Her character happens to relate the power of Conch, symbol of the primordial sound AUM from which the entire creation emerged. Such spirit unites us all in co working space and keeps the team spirit lit.


Yamika Mehra, a passionate social entrepreneur, who builds the business ground up for Startups making their products and services market-ready. A mother as well as a successful working professional, women like her represent Ma Durga’s Trishul who are breaking the stereotypes and step out of the house to follow their passion while balancing professional and personal fronts all along.


Sreejani Datta, Content creator of Neotec Hub, who believes uniting humans and highlighting their success, strength and achievements in order to inspire. Her optimistic nature shuns the negative vibes around and keeps the contentment and simplicity lighted up in the working space. Her character depicts the power of Mace, which enjoins humans to exhibit loyalty, love and devotion to work.



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