By: Sibendu Das / December 4, 2019

Own a Tree, Thrive Together with Nature

We, humans, can no longer ignore the fact that nature is on the verge of being irreversibly destroyed leading to our own extinction. If we don’t act now, it would be too late. Going green is not an option anymore; it’s a Hobson’s choice. And what better way to embrace nature than making a tree your own?

Yes, at Utalika, you can. A tree that will not only bear your family name but also pass down as your heirloom, caring and nurturing your future generations.

In keeping with the design of Utalika committed to providing residents with lush, green surroundings to reside in, “Own-A-Tree” is an initiative taken by the Ambuja Neotia Group. To be held on December 8th, the ceremony will witness trees being named after each family in Utalika.

A tree that will keep on growing and flourishing. A tree that one can make memories with. A tree to be included in the family album. A tree that can be called one’s own. A tree that binds near and dear ones together.

There is hardly anything more satisfying than to nurture the tree named after the family and watch it blossom in front of your eyes. As the old proverb goes “keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come”. At Utalika, the song will resonate across generations.

In today’s world afflicted by pollution, distraught with mindless competition, tormented by ceaseless stress and tension, a patch of green to live in within a city is nothing short of a blessing. Not just the aesthetics of the greens, but the shade and the cooling effect, the soothing breeze bringing in the whiffs of foliage, the fruits, flowers and colours and the variety of fauna that comes along combinedly make life worth living.

As these trees become an inseparable part of your lives, as you live amidst nature, your deepest roots will remain irrevocably linked with the rest of creation. Life will not be just brick-and-mortar. Your day will not begin and end within a concrete enclave. The air you breathe in will not be smacking of smoke and dirt.

A sense of belonging often leads to a wholesome sense of responsibility. When you preach your kids to be nature-friendly, it will go a long way to inculcate the habit of caring by having a tree of your own. When one owns a tree, the ownership itself gives you a sense of responsibility towards Mother Nature. A thought that will extend itself with each tree owned, each plant nurtured, each sapling watered.

After all, it’s all about having a better life, a happier life, a greener life. And this ‘Own-A-Tree’ initiative is definitely a step forward to adding values to our lives and thriving together while making a positive difference to the environment we owe our existence to.

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