By: Debopama Sinha / February 2, 2019

Modern business parks – the new-age workspace

Having Monday blues or snoozing the alarm 5 times before you get out of bed?

A typical work day often starts off with a dreary mood. We all suffer from the monotony of a routine, the to and fro which happens from office to home and then back. Such a lifestyle drains the fun out of our lives and we get stuck in an infinite loop, swinging between office and home. As corporate professionals, we spend most of our time in the office. Our lives lack breathing space, and our minds end up getting overworked. The common complaint – there is no time for any recreation!

But the situation is slowly changing with the advent of business parks in the city. Companies nowadays prefer setting up their offices in modern business parks where workspaces can co-exist with recreational spaces. Every person would like to work in an environment that supports a healthy way of life; mentally, physically and emotionally.
Work-life balance – that is the motto for modern business parks! Keeping this in mind, business parks are designed to cater to the diverse needs of the people on campus.


An ideal business park must have multiple office buildings, well-maintained lawn areas, ample parking spaces, a food court and retail space, and round-the-clock security. You may also find exclusive amenities like gymnasium, swimming pool, sports lounge, restaurants, club and a hotel available on the campus to ensure a perfect work-life balance for the employees working there.

Working in such spaces comes with a bag full of perks. For the IT professionals who are cooped up in front of their computers all day, the green surroundings of a business park gives them an escape from their gloomy cubicles for a short time. For people who work in the creative field, it allows them a space to breathe, think and ideate with no inhibitions. It is the ideal place to let your creativity flow!

Eating out is another thing that people certainly take joy in. Business parks have various restaurants, food trucks and canteens to cater to all the hungry stomachs on campus! You can select from a variety of cuisines across different price-ranges. You can also arrange small office parties and enjoy occasional lunch treats if the canteen food gets the better of you.

Other advantages involve getting everything you need a couple of steps away. An ideal business park usually have gift shops that can save you from the embarrassment of forgetting a colleague’s birthday or for last minute gifts when attending after-work functions.


There is an evident rise in the number of business parks in India and better yet, Kolkata, but very few offer such world-class amenities. Some of the top business parks in India are the International Tech Park in Bangalore, CyberPearl in Hyderabad, and Ecospace in Kolkata. These leading business parks give access to a whole new world of amenities which are unique in comparison with regular business parks. For every person who works at Ecospace in Kolkata, the campus holds a lot of special memories! Whether it is the joy of getting your first promotion, or the heavy feeling of saying farewell to your work BFF, Ecospace silently witnesses each moment.

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