By: Guest Blogger / October 4, 2018

Malls, Masti and More…

Purani jeans aur guitar…” the song comes over a popular FM channel and the only thing that came to her mind is the memory of the nostalgic days spent in City Centre’s hangout. Bengalis and especially Kolkatans always had a soft corner for ‘Adda’. Beyond highways and my ways, the rock ‘Adda’ culture has always brought ‘Our ways’ where Kolkatans’ me-time has its own session. Sad but true that among today’s generation, meeting each other for a good time has turned into camphor – We feel the essence but can hardly experience in real terms. The virtual reality of smart phones and social media has taken over our good old days.

But in modern days, various luxury malls have taken over the rock ‘adda’ thing. For example, the Hangout and the ‘kund’ area in city centre, food courts at Mani Square, South City Mall, and newly established Acropolis Mall in Kolkata have come over this virtual happiness and offer such contemporary get together zone. We Kolkatans can proudly hold on to our nostalgia through the places that bring the lost essence of coming together.

Being the first mall that came up with the heart touching ‘adda’ essence, City Centre among others has become an integral part of the Bengali lifestyle.

Picking up his guitar and dusting it off, he recalls all those songs he sang for her sitting in the ‘kund’ area. The relationship might have got over but the memories…this place knows it all. So, after 8 long years, he calls up all his friends and plans to meet at their all-time favourite ‘kund’ area and hangout. The selfish technology lost and friendship won!

Since the last 14 years (approx) this vast multi-stepped plaza with a centrally placed fountain has been a favourite place to rejuvenate for the lazying Kolkatans. The impulsive, non-judgmental, understanding, and cosy atmosphere of the ‘kund’ has made City Centre much more than just a shopping mall or a mere multiplex.

When we think of variety of food, Hangout in this mall is a one-stop destination for every cuisine. All will agree that Bongs and food have an eternal relationship. Do you believe in cakes over fakes? Fries over lies? Then Hangout is bound to be your favourite food zone.  Above all the good food, the most attractive part of the hangout’s food court is its unhurried and laid back ambience. Sit, lean back, and stretch your legs to enjoy the most relaxed eat out that’s filling the foodie tummies of the Kolkatans since a decade and more.

With ‘adda’ and food follows the most popular entertainment, movie. He comes to City Centre Inox for a movie, as planned by his wife. All of a sudden he realises that it’s their anniversary and it again skipped out of his mind. He rushes to the anchor store, Shopper’s Stop to get her favourite perfume. Phew! He got lucky this time. Ample of options around and having such a prominent brand as Shopper’s Stop at vicinity make things just so easy and smooth in the modern day malls. Above all, your spouse can never complain about your bad memory.

Boasting its mall-within-mall feature, City Centre works as the major crowd puller. End numbers of brand stores and unorganised retails in the premises of the mall will surely give Kolkatans of every age the taste of traditional street-side shopping along with modern day luxury shopping experience. “Ye kitne me doge bhaiya”…You hear a girl from behind, talking to the junk jewellery shopkeeper. Doesn’t it remind you of the Esplanade or Gariahat shopping culture? Yes, the same fun can be experienced within a better infrastructure and polished ambience. So, sorted huh!

From yes to yo and from brother to bro…we have evolved in our communication a lot. But the one thing that a true bong and a Kolkatan cannot come out of is their love for ‘Adda’ and food. City Centre by Ambuja Neotia is successfully rolling the ball of this legacy since ages. So, buddies, hope to bump into each other someday there! Finger crossed.

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