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By: Debalok Roy / May 2, 2020

Making Sustainable Homes for The New Tomorrow

Common sense will tell us today that sustainability is no more an option to be taken lightly. Rather, it is the defining attribute for any production and consumption chain, of any character. And realty is no exception. Making sustainable homes has become the insignia of a genuine and responsible real estate enterprise.

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With every small and big leap in technology, innovation and design, the industry’s approach towards building sustainable realty is evolving. From planning to site selection, designing to construction, occupancy to maintenance — every aspect in a modern residential condo’s timeline is being governed by the principles of smart and effective sustainability. Still, wondering why?

Because the advantages are manifold. Cost optimisation of operations, conservation of water and other natural resources, optimisation of energy-efficient lifestyle, generation of minimum waste, healthier living spaces… the list can go on.

Let’s look at the 4 key elements of a sustainable project:

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

The process begins with the waste being segregated at the source through a multi-bin system. The idea is to sort the waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable categories. House-to-house garbage collection system with strategic placement of waste bins in and around each residential tower is ensured to avoid mismanagement of waste dumped. Also, dried sludges are used as manure for gardening, and the rest is disposed of.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water-harvesting with an efficient filtration system is a must to enhance the quantity of groundwater. The system aims at collecting rainwater falling on the terrace and channelising the same into a tank specially made for this purpose. Natural water bodies around the projects are also treated as the rainwater harvesting/holding tank for the collection of rainwater from the terraces of the individual buildings.

Rooftop Insulation

Rooftop Insulation - Ambuja Blog

Insulating the roof is a simple and effective way to keep indoor temperature comparatively low. The usual standard for gauging good insulation is determined by ‘R-value’.  A well-insulated building is expected to comply with R-values so that it naturally contributes towards heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

Storm Water Management and Mitigation

Storm Water Management -Ambuja Blog

Stormwater is collected through catch-pits strategically placed within the project.  The collected water is then drained out through external pipes placed outside the premises. Stormwater management is designed keeping the average rain intensity of the area in mind.


Sustainable infrastructure should ideally go hand in hand with the mobilisation of a responsible and smart lifestyle. For that, one needs to have a home that facilitates this shift towards a holistic living experience. Hence, developers are focusing more and more on building green homes.

At Ambuja Neotia, such emphasis on giving people a healthy living space without compromising on natural surroundings has never been compromised. After all, our core values have always been People, Planet, and Performance. Healthy and active living amid a sustainable and natural environment, more open spaces, energy-efficient design and green certification have been our hallmarks across every project — be it the oldest one at Udayan The Condoville or the latest premium project, Utalika Luxury, in south Kolkata.


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