By: Anusree Gupta / December 10, 2020

Living closer to work is a blessing in disguise

While the global pandemic locked us in, it unlocked a lot of other avenues for us as a whole. This long hiatus from the rat race helped us realize the importance of time, personal space, and of course family. A break from the daily commute and rush hours gave us the much-needed break we deserved with our family and ourselves. While some dedicated their time and energy on strengthening the family bonds, others discovered hidden talents and hobbies. As the unlock phase is in progress, we wonder “What now?” The hours spent strumming or cooking up a new recipe every day will soon be lost behind roster and traffic congestion. The solution is quite simple. Move closer to your workplace. And here are the reasons why.

You give your 100% at work and at home:

Lockdown was an eye-opener to the hours wasted behind the wheels. Moving to an address closer to work will reduce the wasted hours, giving you the time you need with your family. Imagine the time you spent driving through traffic will be replaced with the time you spend playing UNO with your kids or sitting in the favourite corner of your house chilling with a cuppa.


Saves your time & energy:

Time spent on the commute is considerably taxing. The early morning rush to reach office on time drains out the vigour with which you start your day. If you live close by, you will not only save time but will also start your day with a clear and positive notion. As a result, you focus more on your work, excel in your pursuits and gain extra time to explore new hobbies.


Tight work hours to flexible work hours:

Having the office closer to home will help you balance work and life effectively – ease out the tight schedule you are bound by. If you are urgently required, you can always run back to fix the problem without spending hours on road. Another perk of shifting to a home closer to the office is you can enjoy completing your work at your own pace without stressing about delays or rush hours.

Decreases the cost of conveyance:

Travelling is the major expense when it comes to working far from home. But a home near work can reduce that expense greatly. You travel less, resulting in saving money behind fuel and vehicle maintenance. This also adds-on to doing your part for the environment by reducing your share of carbon emissions.

Eco-friendly and how:

The sudden rise in vehicles has contributed gravely to the environment. It is seen that the levels of pollution increases by ten-folds during peak hours – morning and evening. The high carbon emission levels affect our respiratory system causing irritation, coughing, allergy and breathing trouble. All this can be avoided if you choose an address closer to work.

Say hello to a healthy lifestyle:

The major benefit of living closer to work is you can opt for a healthier alternative to travel – walking or cycling. Desk jobs tend to rob us of our physical activity. But having your office at a walking distance can help you include walking or cycling to work into your daily roster with ease.

While excelling in work is important, unwinding a stressed mind is equally important. Nothing’s a better relaxant than the comforts of one’s home; a healthy living space surrounded by amenities. At Ambuja Neotia, that is the determining factor, strategic location aided by holistic living. Be it Udayan, The Condoville – the first-ever project situated in a prime location of Kolkata or Ecospace Residencia – the newly launched condoville located in the heart of Newtown, the smart city of Kolkata – we sought after a sustainable living environment set amidst convenience.


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