By: Sibendu Das / February 6, 2019

Ecospace – the workplace where you can also unwind

In an age when the world is seeking more and more work-life balance and opting for work-from-home opportunities, there’s something unusual going on at one property in Kolkata’s New Town where employees seem happier having arrived at their workspace and willingly lingering on to spend more time at the campus. Well, no prize for guessing… we are talking about Ecospace Business Park.

Wonder what’s the magic there? When we asked the employees and their employers who have been around for the past 10 years of the business park’s vibrant journey, we realised how important for a workplace it is to provide its people the opportunity to enjoy their work. And how is that achieved? By combining business with sustainability, a nature-friendly environment with growth opportunities, state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge infrastructure, freedom with responsibility, work with leisure.

Designed by leading architects of our time, Ecospace is an ideal blend of passion and vision. Here’s 10 things we love about Ecospace in keeping with the remarkable 10 years of the New Town business park.

1. Scope to rejuvenate and recharge

Now that’s a given that everyone seems to take for granted. No matter how talented you are, your productivity will take a beating if you can’t rejuvenate at regular intervals. Ecospace offers ample avenues for one to get recharged. Think open green patches, swimming pools, trees and plants, open-air amphitheater, gyms, cafeteria, lounge and more. Even your work cubicle is designed so as to give you more than a glimpse to the open sky and the greens.

2.The best of business environment

What does it take for a company to set up office away from the central business district of a city?  It’s simple — all that Ecospace offers in terms of business infrastructure and its enabling environment. Ecospace attracts business heads because it boasts of everything from conferencing facilities to accommodation solution in a business-friendly ecosystem. No wonder, the business park elicits praises from corporate leaders who have experienced the best in the world.

3.Safety and security

With its 24×7 tight security management and updated firefighting arrangements in place, with its power backup facilities and safety exit plans, Ecospace has been the best bet for any market leader or aspirant alike.

4. Location and connectivity: a cool destination 

Action Area II of New Town was planned to make it the hub of the future in Kolkata. It is where community facilities and quality infrastructure blends to give you a polycentric urban amenities spatially distributed across a landscaped green zone. One would love to leave home in the morning and arrive at such a cool destination for work! Connected to the rest of New Town and Kolkata with a wide network of multi-lane roads, this place promises more accessibility with the completion of the Metro railway station nearby.

5. Upkeep and maintenance

A nice place needs constant nurturing in order to keep its charm on. Ecospace doesn’t neglect that either, as a lot goes into the impeccably maintained campus for a smooth and uncluttered work life.

6. Beauty of the built space

Who doesn’t want a beautiful home? Well, the same applies for your workplace too! The builders of Ecospace surely understand that, planning the business towers across a carefully and aesthetically designed central landscape complete with waterbodies, open spaces, sculptures and artworks.

7. The Green Factor 
For some employees, perhaps the green cover at their workspace is more than what they get at home. Such is the design and planning of Ecospace, that it weaves in nature at almost every step. And who doesn’t know that nature truly opens up our minds and creates a stress-free environment. Reducing carbon footprint, the energy-efficient building design has helped acheive the Gold Rating by LEEDS as a Green Building.

8. Recreation and sports 
All work and no play is not what Jack is looking for today. Instead, you find Jack diving into the crystal clear waters of the on-campus swimming pool, squashing across the turf at the tennis court, hopping into the basketball court, pumping up the adrenaline at the fitness lounge, taking a shot at putting, or simply taking a walk in the green space all across.

9. Food and health 
A variety of food options make it a delish life for employees at Ecospace. From canteens, cafes and QSR kiosks to food court Hangout, lounge like Xebra and a dedicated multi-cuisine restaurant called The Village – one is spoilt for choice.

10 .Work-Life Balance
Okay, we kept our favourite point for the last. Where else will you find ducks waddling on a lake beside a cascading waterfall right in the middle of a business destination? Umm… At Ecospace of course! The clean air, the natural surroundings, the open-air amphitheatre and options galore to unwind at work make it the best place to head for even on a Monday morning.

Here’s the video which celebrates Work – Life – Balance at Ecospace

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