• Patronising Youth Sports

    In order to promote youth sports in this part of Bengal, we support youth forums with outdoor sports kit viz., football, cricket, volleyball, and in few cases, carom board too. Till date we have supported 24 youth forums with sports equipments. We also organize inter-school, inter-location sports meet, winter sports competition to uphold & nurture rural sports.

  • Holistic Support To Orphan Children

    We provide total support for education and overall development for a few children lodged with different orphanages in Kolkata. We also organize a sumptuous lunch day for 100 inmates of an orphanage every month.

  • Skilling The Unskilled

    Ambuja Neotia facilitates skill training for the unemployed youth in Raichak and other places. Unskilled boys and girls are counseled and admitted to different trades viz. tailoring, beautician training, computers – hardware, software & networking, plumbing, electrician, AC repairing, mobile repairing etc., so as to make them self-reliant that they can establish themselves in the long run. Till now we have aided 72 youths coming from poor families with skill training. Some of them got absorbed in service centres of reputed companies; it filled us with joy to learn few of the boys got into entrepreneurship and started their own mobile repairing shops. Presently 8 boys from villages surrounding ROG are being assisted for vocational courses on civil, electrical, automobile, mechanical and computer hardware.

  • Self-Defense Training For The Girl Students

    To ensure the safety of girl students while they are pursuing education outdoors, Ambuja Neotia organizes weekly self-defense training for them. It trains them in body fitness, reflex, alertness and self-protection. Presently 50 students are undergoing training.

    We also patronize higher education for 140 poor & meritorious girl students and many of them hail from different villages of Raichak location. We felt a moral obligation to make them self-protected, which led to our weekly self-defense training programme. The training is overviewed by female self-defense trainers from Kolkata.

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