By: Sibendu Das / March 1, 2021

Child-friendly Homes: A Must for a Happy Future

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

— Nelson Mandela

A child. A bunch of them. Playful. Curious. Mischievous. Fun!

In no time, those kids of today will be shaping the world around us. If only could we give them a safe, healthy and carefree environment to nourish their body and soul. And help them create beautiful memories. To cherish all through life.

Isn’t it imperative for us adults to create such an environment for the tiny tots to flourish? Unfortunately, in today’s exceedingly urbanised world, creating a safe haven for kids is no child’s play!

Which is why, realty developers and city planners the world over are putting their heart and soul together, along with their expertise and acumen, in creating child-friendly spaces. Spaces where little ones can grow, develop and bloom. Where children are encouraged to explore, engage and develop emotional and affective relationships with their surroundings through their own experiences.

Likewise, more and more parents are seeking residences with child-friendly features. According to a study done by Dr Sudeshna Chatterjee, a global thought leader in children’s environments, four place-types have been found, which if provided in children’s everyday environments, would qualify as child-friendly environment. They are:

• Places that children care for

• Places that children learn from

• Places that support children’s free action

• Places that nurture children’s secrets

Hence at Ambuja Neotia, we leave no stone unturned to make our projects child-friendly. Because children are not on the periphery of our housing initiatives; they are at the centre of our design universe.

For instance, at Usshar, our recent residential development in Batanagar, our aim has been to create an atmosphere that is safe and well-crafted for children. Hence, we have ensured to weave in a plethora of activities to allow children ample opportunities to bask in nature.

  • With secured toddler zones and monitored pathways, we want your children to be safe.
  • With well-lit rooms and structures that allow optimum air and natural light, our intention is to let your kids grow up in a healthy space.
  • With extensive vistas of lush greenery, we want your children to value the charm of nature.
  • With a dedicated kids’ play area, we not only want to give your little ones the scope for holistic and all-round development but also plan to make it a joyride for them. Where they could be, for once, spoilt for choice with a wide range of activities such as:

Doorstep Play Area, Skateboarding Park, Tree House, Net Seating Frames, Wooden Bridge, Huts and Stumps, Chalkboard Wall, Green Mound with Slide Sand Pit, Playable Sculpture Area, Performance Stage, Half Basketball and Badminton Courts

After all, we believe in what His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV has said: “Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.”

At Usshar, let the child find joy in the art of living!

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