By: Sibendu Das / February 23, 2021

Buying Home Made Secure with HIRA in West Bengal

It’s not every day that you buy a home. Much planning, plenty of research and, above all, a lot of investment — both financial and emotional — go into realising your dream abode!

Naturally, you want your investment to be secure. Your home to delivered in time. Built with all the quality checks in place. But how do you go about ensuring all that?


As recent as five years back, you would have the goodwill of the developer and your luck to depend on. However, since 2017, the narrative has taken a definitive turn towards a more promising and secure future, with HIRA or the West Bengal Housing Industry Regulatory Act coming into existence.

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No more waiting for eternity for your home to be handed over. No more low-quality materials and negligence compromising your home’s safety. No more land disputes jeopardising your dream home plan. With HIRA in place, the housing sector in Bengal has seen much transparency, efficiency and consumer-centric practices becoming the norm.

Logging into the HIRA site (, one can get various information on the projects registered therewith — from title deed, completion date, and sanction plans to contractors and consultants and more! HIRA has literally been a gamechanger in the real estate sector as far as transparency and security of investment are concerned.

Going by HIRA, here’s what you can count on and rest assured that your experience of home buying will be a happy, secure and smooth journey.

Quality: One of the key features of HIRA is to ensure compliance with quality control exercises. Developers are required to follow proper rules and regulations, and are subjected to frequent and stringent investigations regarding their use of quality materials and adherence to standard industry ethics.

Delivery: Timely delivery is top priority for projects registered with HIRA. Gone are the days when developers used to sit on a project beyond estimated completion deadline while buyers were left in the dark. HIRA ensures that developers are heavily penalised for defaulting on timely delivery.

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Maintenance: Not just delivery, but also maintenance of the project site post-completion for a stipulated period of time is now mandatory for developers to abide by. You can begin your new life in your new abode and take your time in settling in while your housing complex gets taken care of.

Redressal: HIRA also has provisions for imposing penalties on the developers against any kind of violations related to real estate. The aim is to protect the interest of consumers and establish a mechanism which can quickly solve various disputes related to real estate.



Security of the investment: All the above factors combinedly ensure that your investment is risk-free. Because you, the consumer, is at the centre of the housing sector narrative. Because you deserve to have a care-free, safe and secure journey from dreaming to finally owning your dream home.

At Ambuja Neotia, each and every real estate development is duly registered with HIRA. We are happy to abide by the HIRA guidelines in our own interest, as spreading happiness and making a difference to the way people live have been an intrinsic part of our ethos from the very beginning.


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