By: Debopama Sinha / July 5, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Make Their Way to Academic Curriculum

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are poised to change the world. The necessity of including these subjects in the curriculum of colleges and universities is now more than ever. In a rapidly advancing world, the huge upsurge of interest in these innovative technologies has reflected in the professional space as well, where constant evolution and up-gradation of technological skills is mandatory, a requirement that has emerged out of necessity, if not desire.

Transforming every walk of life, AI is a wide-ranging tool that has created a lot of buzz by enabling people to re-imagine data analysis, information integration and improve decision-making. Machine learning, on the other hand is a subset of AI, where the computer is programmed to learn to do things, which currently are not a part of the original programming.

An interdisciplinary branch of electrical and mechanical engineering, Robotics Engineering is that branch of engineering that deals with the construction, application and operation of robots. Mechatronics is again, a subset of robotics engineering that includes control theory to designing of sophisticated robotic systems.

While studying these subjects as part of the coursework students therefore have to understand the practical application in narrow domains. Having an amazingly broad set of applications, these subjects have made it to the part of curriculum increasingly in the last couple of years. As robots are used in different fields such as military, nuclear power plants, agricultural, manufacturing, health-care, and many more industries, a professional with relevant degree in robotic engineering can choose to work in these industries as automation system engineers, programming engineers, robot designers, project managers or test engineers. One can also opt for higher studies and research work in this domain.

By taking up these subjects, students learn to design procedures and solve complex tasks using critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, which lead to the emergence of a generation of entrepreneurs, designers, makers and inventors.

Apart from these, the courses offer plenty of career opportunities as developers, solution architects, and consultants in programming, testing, support and maintenance to name a few. These are being deployed in all kinds of industries creating high demands for skilled professionals.

Precisely, the newly-developed courses expose students to real-world engineering and problem solving through hands-on learning and interdisciplinary coursework through fundamental computing, hardware interfaces and programming.

The Neotia University is one of the universities offering specialized courses like B.Tech/M.Tech in Robotics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Mechatronics/ Automobile Manufacturing and Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Cyber Security/ Data Analysis. The courses provide deep knowledge in engineering by covering electro mechanics, robotics sensors and instrumentation and artificial intelligence making work more efficient, faster, hazard free and inexpensive.

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