By: Sibendu Das / February 26, 2019

A unique riverside destination in India

An idyllic luxury getaway. Check.

A peace haven to relax and have fun. Check.

A world-class boutique resort with the best of hospitality ethos. Check.

An opportunity to experience the beauty and aura of India’s most revered and life-giving river, Ganga, in every possible dimension. Check.

That’s Raichak on Ganges for you — a one of its kind riverside destination of the country. Are you wondering why you must plan your next staycation here? Read on…

Experience the soul of India: That’s right. A river that has attracted millions to her banks since time immemorial, a river that is the lifeline of a nation, a river which is worshiped by many, a river by which cities and empires, cultures and communities have been built and nurtured is undoubtedly the soul of India. And you experience her most mature avatar down here at Raichak — with all her grandeur and vastness, grace and charm.

Not a tiny resort: Nestled on the banks of the Ganga, Raichak on Ganges is a 100-acre integrated lifestyle destination that includes a boutique resort, a hotel, a spa, country homes, speciality restaurants, bar and lounge, plus vast expanse of greenery that transports you to the world of pastoral bliss.

M for modern: Pastoral doesn’t always need to be ancient. Life at Raichak ensures you the best of modern amenities — be it at the plush restaurants, the aesthetically designed cottages, the poolside or the spa. Meticulous care has been taken to connect you to the roots of Indian culture in a contemporary fashion.

Something for everyone: Whether you are solo, a couple or a family, it’s sorted when in Raichak on Ganges. From romantic dinners to gala family reunions, adventure outdoor activities to laidback leisure options — you will be spoilt for choice. Don’t think twice before booking your stay at Raichak on Ganges even if you are a corporate. There’s a lot on offer for everyone.

Push that refresh button: Because de-stressing is important. Walk through winding avenues, listen to bird calls, catch the setting sun over the crimson-hued waters of the Ganges, get rejuvenated at the world-class spa, breathe in the dust-free air pregnant with floral fragrance, get up and close to nature, counting stars lying down on a boat. Raichak will leave you completely recharged

Activities galore: Looking for an action-packed itinerary? Raichak on Ganges is where you should be. Jog through the green landscape, cycle your way across the compound without stressing about traffic, dive into the infinity pool, play chess like a royalty, send your kids on a pebble hunt along the riverside or set off for a short long drive to the white sand beach of Bakkhali.

Or do nothing: Yes, that is an option and trust us, you won’t get bored. Listen to the fishermen singing, attempt your favorite yoga pose and meditate, watch the full moon over a serene river and recite Tagore or Keats.

Feast like a king, have fun like a celebrity: What’s a holiday without good food and drinks? Make love to your taste buds with culinary delights rustled up at the kitchens of Raichak — Sonar Tori known for its Bengali cuisine, The Orient serving South East Asian delicacies, multi-cuisine restaurants Reflections and The Courtyard, and Footloose, a sports-bar-cum-lounge to let your hair down.

Live life king-size: Opulence and subtlety go hand in hand at Raichak on Ganges with the resort rooms exuding an old-world charm seasoned with dollops of luxe and elegance. Think Ganga Kutir, Anaya Kutir, The Ffort Raichak and The Ffort Suites.

Experience Bengal: The location of Raichak on Ganges is its USP. Close to Kolkata, you can always spend a day in the city and retreat to the comforts of pastoral Bengal back in Raichak. The famed Sunderbans is also nearby for a quick date with the Bengal tiger. If you simply want to explore rural Bengal or the real Bengal as they say, take a walk out of the property and roam around the villages.


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