By: Akash Roy / February 27, 2019

A Tale of Taste – AFRAA!

Ever considered how it feels to dine in the Mediterranean belt? Well, for starters, you don’t need to travel beyond Salt Lake. Afraa at City Centre Salt Lake offers a wide array of Mediterranean cuisines to satisfy all your taste buds and an elegant decor for an unparalleled dining experience.

The intricate and exquisitely designed interiors along with the handsomely thought of wall art adds to the rich experience of Kolkatans looking for a dainty meal. Afraa arouses the charm of such European provinces by bringing the rich Mediterranean culture on your platters. As it is rightly said, ‘’Borders do not define foods”, Afraa aptly blends its menu from Middle Eastern cuisines like that of the ‘Mediterranean Non-veg Kebab platter’ to the Italian ‘Millet and Black Rice Risotto’. Greek and Lebanese influence has also found its way into the menu in the form of ‘Hummus’, ‘Falafels’, and ‘Feta cheese’.

Just when you feel the continental touch a bit overwhelming, Afraa serves your palate using authentic Indian dishes like that of ‘Daal Makhani’ and “Butter Chicken’.

Spreads across two connected floors, Afraa brings in the concepts of Lounge and Fine Dine Restaurants under one roof. This comes at a time when the F&B sector is looking to encapsulate and bring together the entire stretches of target audience as one. The owners, The AmbujaNeotia Group, brings with itself quality and trust, thereby making the eatery as Kolkata’s one of the favourites.

The 3,800 sqft lounge with a serene view of the city is located on the 6th floor, and has sophisticated mosaic floors, rugged wooden décor and sturdy leather bar stools. The place can accommodate around 300 people and has spaces for music and merriment accompanied by a DJ console. One can escape the hustle and bustle by relishing the view from the balcony while enjoying an aromatic sisha.

Afraa celebrates the unique fusion of Mediterranean cuisine exclusively packaged to suit the Indian palette and is set within an intimately elegant ambiance. Thus, while you are on the run, pause to visit this one!


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