By: Anusree Gupta / May 19, 2022

5 things to keep in mind when looking for a workspace for Startups

When we think of startups, our minds conjure a visual of a small studio apartment transformed into a makeshift office. We think of Facebook and its journey into our lives. Startups today are different. With innovators coming up with new ideas to simplify our lives every day; the dire need to work from an office space has risen.

The startup – both evolving and the established – requires a positive workspace. The reason is that it creates a productive work environment with fewer distractions. In addition to that, if you have an office space you will be motivated to invest more time and energy to grow your company.

There are certain parameters to match when it comes to finding the ideal workspace for a startup. You have to take care of the location, the size of the office, layout, lease terms and more. Ideally, if you make a checklist here are the 5 things one must keep in mind while looking for a workspace to start up.

 Business-friendly location

Location is the key aspect when looking for the right office space. A workspace at a Central Business District always adds to the advantage. As they house the big corporates, they are well-connected by road and easily accessible via public transport. What makes the Central Business Districts even more alluring are the business parks dedicated for the IT/ITES. Now owning an office close to or within a business park not only creates a positive ecosystem to synergise with the other corporate houses but also offers you unparalleled benefits within the premises.

 Seamless connectivity

The new-normal travelling is a challenge. Which is why connectivity is another point to tick off when finding an ideal workspace. The best offices are the one that are easily accessible via public transport – like buses or metro. Metro connectivity is one of the key points to look into in the metro cities. They are the fastest and the most reliable mode of transportation for the office-goers. Besides accessibility, one must keep in mind the convenience of the location. How close is it from the train station? Can you reach the airport in a jiffy? Is there any refreshment or hangout zones nearby for some after-office rendezvous? How close is the nearest healthcare centre? All these parameters matter when you are looking for an ideal office space to start up.


 Flexible workspaces for growth

When you venture into something new, you start small. You look for a quaint office space that is just enough. However as your company evolves, your team grows. Which makes it plausible to own an office space that is flexible enough to adjust to you and your team’s need. Therefore, move into an office space that gives you that option to accommodate your expanding dreams and ventures.


Added benefits

We need a workspace that takes care of everything. Be it maintenance, nourishment or even well-being. Thus, an address that comes with a promise of a secured work-life is always welcome. If your venture is in the nascent stage, own a space that offers you free maintenance initially. There are many business parks that comes with the added benefits like community spaces to hold business meets and refreshment zones for your employees’ well-being. You can look into those addresses to start you dream venture.


Positive, Green and Clean

Yes, cacophony is a part of our life. But when it comes to working, each one of us looks for a quiet peaceful place. The modern-day work culture demands us to break free from monotony and accept a more cheerful ambience. Therefore, look for well-ventilated spaces to work freely. Green zones to de-stress a worked up mind. Outdoor unwinding zones to recharge during break times. In the end, you need to take care of your mental health and build a positive work sphere to achieve groundbreaking goals.


In Kolkata, besides Dalhousie – the central business district and Sector V, New Town is the up and coming business hub. The top-notch corporate are shifting their base to this location. So if you are willing to venture into your dreams with an ideal workspace you can start small from New Town. Where the many business parks are opening their doors to all thriving corporate houses to build a flourishing business community. Check the newest business destination that is about to redefine work culture here

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