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By: Sibendu Das / May 16, 2020

11 Ways How A Balcony Can Change Your Living Experience in a Post-Covid World

Our homes are indeed our saviours. And how! If the world took shelter in the safety of homes, then the balconies gave us the much-needed breathing space to survive the confinement. From chatting with neighbours to catching some fresh air and sunshine to cheering and clapping for our medical warriors — a balcony has become the most precious corner to connect with the outside world!

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No wonder, in the post-COVID times, balconies will be one of the most sought after features in any apartment. What used to be once just a corner for a few potted greens has been reinvented to become the most valued space in the house. Balconies have undoubtedly added a new meaning to a good life.

Even those who possess a tiny balcony are making the most of that space and challenging its limits. A balcony is doubling up as the gym or a barbershop, the office cubicle or a park bench, a performing studio, or even a nightclub! Hence the need for a larger balcony is being felt more than ever.

Here’s some tips and tricks on how a balcony can act as your extended home space and how a well-thought-out balcony design can result in a better living experience in the post-pandemic world.

  1. Connect to Nature: When in-home quarantine, a balcony is the only way to get up, close with nature. Double the fun by bringing nature a little closer. Lookup for the best balcony garden ideas online and turn your balcony into a green oasis. From potted plants to hanging pots and vertical plant walls, there are several ways to bring nature to your balcony. You can even opt for growing microgreens and vegetables in your balcony as they will not only add to the green vibe but also boost your nutrition and immunity.

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  1. Optimise the Space: Remove all the clutter from your balcony and create as much space as possible. Even if you have a tiny space, make sure to utilise it to the maximum. After all, if you want to spend a lot of time on your balcony, you need enough space to be comfortable settled.
  2. Make it Cozy: This goes without saying that the cozy and comfortable your balcony space will be the more you will find yourself spending time there. Throw in some nice cushions, lay out a comfy rug or a carpet and invest in some suitable seating options that lend a cozy feel to the space. A simple online search can get you several DIY balcony makeover ideas to try

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  1. Make it weather-proof: Balconies are open to nature and as such are prone to get messy after a heavy downpour or a storm. Even long summer days with harsh sun can damage your furniture and upholstery. Hence, opt for synthetic wicker furniture or wooden ones that are rust-resistant and waterproof. Also, put up a canvas canopy or a blind to keep the strong sun at bay.


  1. Light it up: Not just for the day, but your balcony can also be the go-to spot in your home even after sundown. All you need to do is light it up for different occasions. If you like sitting with a drink and engage in a nice and warm conversation with your partner or a loved one, go for some mood lighting. If you want to curl up on the rug with a book, then invest in a reading light. If Alfresco dining is on your mind, have some bright spot lights set up above the table. A well-lit balcony is always a winner.
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  2. Invest in customised, multi-use furniture: Since balconies are not full-fledged rooms, it is ideal to have furniture that take up less space and those that are multi-functional. Depending on the shape and size of your balcony, custom-make a few pieces of furniture that can double up as storage and seating/table at the same time.
  3. Make it an extension of your interiors: Just because you don’t live in your balcony doesn’t mean you neglect its décor. Instead, plan and design it as an extension of your interiors. Use artefacts and décor items that are in sync with the rest of your home décor.
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  1. Brighten it up with Colour Pops: Colour pops can work wonders when it comes to lifting the mood and breathing fresh life into a dull corner. Use some colourful cushions and rugs, art pieces, plant holders and wall hangings to brighten up your balcony.


  1. Shield yourself with a privacy screen: You can select balcony railings and grills in such a way that whenever needed you can put up a screen to protect your privacy. That way, you can be yourself at your balcony without getting judged by prying eyes.


  1. Make it kid-friendly and safe for pets: Balcony designs should be kid-friendly and safe in general. If you have a cat or a dog as pet, install the necessary safeguards for them. Train your pets to ensure that they don’t jump off or fall off your balcony.
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  1. Shield it from bird droppings: Often pigeons become a menace to an otherwise clean balcony. Learn how to prevent them from ruining your balcony. There are several online how-to guides for you to protect your balcony from bird droppings.


For Ambuja Neotia, the emphasis is on making bigger size balconies in our residential projects. At Utalika Luxury, the premium condominium by the EM Bypass, the apartments are designed to include balconies having a width of 1.55m-2.50m and length of 5.00m-6.76m, compared to the balcony sizes provided by other builders (width 1.2m-1.5m and length 3.5m-5.5m), resulting in a spacious area for free movement without congestion. After all, space is luxury and more so when it comes to balconies — your own dress circle to the spectacle of the outside world!

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