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Location : Shantiniketan

The Dream Home at Shantiniketan

Upoban, a residential neighbourhood at Shantiniketan sprawling over 9 acres of land, is proposed to be built up jointly by Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Limited and Sriniketan Shantiniketan Development Authority. Upoban is located at Purbapally, Shantiniketan, the home of India's greatest litterateur and Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Facilities and amenities at Upoban promise to give the kind of modern comfort that outreaches the kind provided by just a house. The warmth of home, the green of nature, a friendly neighbourhood will bond together to give life to the exquisite landscape where Upoban is about to come up.

At Bengal Ambuja, we believe that home is more than just four walls. Home is a place to give and receive warmth, feel secure and taken care of. Home is a place we return to again and again as this is lends strength to our foundation of our values, for ourselves and our environment.

Designed by renowned architect, Shri Prabir Mitra, Upoban will comprise two types of residences...duplex bungalows (Bungalows at Shantiniketan), and cluster apartments.

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