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City Centre, Haldia

Location : Haldia
Webpage : www.citycentremalls.in/haldia.aspx

City Centre, Haldia is surely harbouring new hopes for the people of this well-known port city. The first organised multistoreyed commercial project in Haldia, it is also a pointer to what the future has in store for it in terms of economic and cultural growth.

Haldia is one of the most efficiently managed and easily accessible industrial hubs of Bengal that has excellent location advantage. Therefore, it has an interesting and impressive concentration of several communities, necessitating an inclusive retail market to cater to people's needs. City Centre, Haldia is thus an integrated and modern development envisioned by Ambuja Realty that promises to bring the excellence of City Centre Malls to Haldia.

Designed by renowned architect Mr. Vivek Singh Rathore, it is a prime example of superior design and efficient space planning besides having a facade that is absolutely stunning.

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