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Upohar, The Condoville

Location : Chawkgaria, EM Bypass, Kolkata
Website : upohar.ambujaneotia.com

With Upohar~The Condoville at Chawkgaria, off EM Bypass, dreams are transformed into reality. Spread over 18 acres of sylvan settings, Upohar~The Condoville has emerged as the next dream home for tomorrow's Kolkata. Like our other projects, Upohar furthers the Bengal Ambuja mission ...Homes that are more than four walls...Home plus. Affordable for people from all walks of life.

Which is why, Upohar~The Condoville has Efficiency LIG, 248 one bedroom apartments, Comfort MIG, 360 two bedroom apartments and Luxury HIG, 605 two to five bedroom apartments including duplex and triplex. In phase IV, there are 59 apartments in one tower, Dashami.

Upohar~The Condoville optimises open space to ensure maximum comfort and security. The buildings are oriented to maximise light and air flow, creating a cheerful environment for healthy living. South of Upohar are one Efficiency and two Comfort apartment buildings, ground plus seventeen. And up north are eleven Luxury apartment buildings, ground plus nineteen. Leaving the south and south-east open, for easy windflow.

The design emphasis is on creating large central open spaces, allowing Nature to form the core of Upohar.

Upohar Comfort (MIG) Apartments under West Bengal Housing Board Chairman's Quota

Upohar LIG-MIG (Efficiency & Comfort) Towers Upohar MIG (Comfort) Apartment Plan Upohar Efficiency & Comfort Complex, General Terms and Conditions