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Ecospace, The Business Park

Location : Newtown, Rajarhat
Website : ecospace.ambujaneotia.com

A multi-user integrated complex, Ecospace represents a futuristic plan to meet the needs of a responsible global corporate. Ecospace is set in sylvan surroundings, pastoral green vying with vivid seasonal colours. It is a unique combination of the best Nature can offer and technology can create.

Ecospace is Kolkata's first multi-user business park sprawling over 20 acres with 2 million sqft. of office space. Designed by leading architects RSP Singapore, Ecospace is everything that you do not imagine an office space to be. With sprawling landscaped greens, gurgling water bodies, aesthetic interiors and environmentally responsible exteriors. It is truly a business park.

Ecospace is also the first office space to address the critical aspect of work-life balance in the city. By incorporating an inclusive, warm and friendly environ, activity zones for physical exercise and unwind zones for recreation; it addresses needs of both the mind and body of deserving employees.

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